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   Sep 22

Oh, Maitake!

amy with maitakeWell, in the past three weeks, I have had at least 4 people tell me, (about finding mushrooms) that it is like finding gold in the woods.  It’s not.  Foraging for mushrooms and other wild edibles has much more value to me.  You can’t eat gold…Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.  The camaraderie, the community building, and the delicious meals that have been shared at my table this mushroom season are unparalleled by any past experience.  I have spent every possible day out in the woods this summer and fall, and for the last two weeks, that has amounted to all day, every day, coming home with baskets and bags of black trumpets, trumpet chanterelles, cinnabars, milkies, maitakes, bears comb tooth, lobsters, hedgehogs, honey mushrooms, bloetes galore, smooth chanterelles, chaga, oysters, and more.  So, in addition to all of this bounty, I have increased my community by introducing more people to the wild foods that can sustain us, and introduced those people to each other.  Building strength in community through food, farms, and foraging. Working together to learn, teach, and feed each other.  This is the basis of this site, to introduce each other to new foods and recipes, and to network how we can explore the world of wild foods together.  There will be updated events such as potlucks, (with guidelines!…eg: a list of foods that people can check off, such as appetizer, salad, protein, dessert, etc…) theme meals, open meals, prix fixe restaurant dinners, community picnics, forage walks/hikes, and more.  Stay tuned to the calendar.

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