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   Oct 06

Salty Mushrooms

So, there I was, on Block Island, visiting friends and attending my good friend’s wedding, and I got the urge…the foraging urge.  Off I went to a spot that I have hiked hundreds of times in the past, and there they were…a tree surrounded by giant maitakes!  I don’t recall ever seeing these mushrooms in the years that I lived on the island in the past, but, lo and behold, they were there now.  I cut and I yanked and I grunted, and then it was mine.  A perfect, beautiful, 17lb (I weighed it the next day) maitake.  I grinned like a pig in shit, and I have set about drying it.  Long process!  Just remember, mushrooms are everywhere, and you should always look both ways to find them.

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