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   Oct 25

Brisket on the Woodstove

So, to celebrate having a couple of branches of fresh Hudson Valley bay leaves, and the arrival of my years worth of beef, I am making a brisket for some friends.  It looks like rain tomorrow, so I just took the brisket out of the freezer, and I am thawing it for tomorrow nights dinner.  I got the bay leaves by trading some soup I made for yesterday’s international food day event put on at Bard College.  Thank you to everyone for coming out and experiencing a little fall flavor from me and Ethel, with our colorful display of fresh ginger, hot sauces, garlic, and carrot soup.  I will be writing up a recipe for the brisket as I go, and you will be able to access it on my recipes link.

Also in my recent travels, I had a sad time, when I went to check out a maitake mushroom that I have stalked for years, and have harvested it each year for the past four, and when I arrived at that mushroom this year, it was a specimen over 35lbs, along with it’s 5 close, large friends and I was just a few days too late.  My personal apologies to all the folks that I would have fed with it, and it simply proves that, gosh darn it, I just can’t be everywhere all the time!  I was kicking myself for quite awhile there, as a similar situation happened with an entire log filled with bear’s head mushrooms about a week ago…Now I have my eyes peeled for oysters, and I am moving on to dried mushrooms for the winter.

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