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   Oct 18

mushroom update and meat education

So, it looks like the maitakes fruited a bit early this year…not that you shouldn’t keep your eye out for them, but I was hunting over the weekend and I mostly came across past due ones.  I guess it is all about time and place, with just a bit of background knowledge.  This fall and winter, I am studying trees, and how to identify by bark alone.  Let me know if there are any tree geeks out there that want to make an education trade.

As far as meat education, I attended a class at Johnson and Wales University about charcuterie, smoking and curing meats.  Taught by Chef Peter Cooper, it was a great class.  There were some great student volunteers and chefs on hand to answer questions, and demonstrate the recipes, and we all got wrist deep in pork, making and smoking sausages, bacon and pates, and cooking up terrines and curing pancetta.  I made a bacon wrapped pork terrine with tenderloin inlay.  Delish!  I now have my sights set on smoking some pork belly from the pig that I just got from Poole Hill Farm.  Now that I am not out every day hunting mushrooms, expect to see some recipe updates here on the site, including one for sunchokes and horseradish, since that is what Ethel and Tom are digging up at the farm now…


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