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   Sep 28

So Much Pie!

So, it is become the season for baking.  I have been baking pies.  Thanks to Elena, who is a cook at Wild Hive, my crusts have been perfect.  You can buy pre-made pie crusts at the Hive for a very reasonable price, and all I have to do is roll them out and fill them with some delicious ingredients.  In the winter, when it is not mushroom season, I will make my own crust, but for now, I simply do not allot the time, and I am in a constant struggle to keep the mold from sporing out here in my cabin in the woods.  Aside from the mold, the mosquitoes have been the biggest problem here this fall.  Ethel sent me a very interesting article from the NY Times this morning and I am giving it a shot to keep them at bay, although while foraging, I don’t think I have much of a chance for that.

pie crust, ready for it’s journey
blueberry pie with maple lemon sour cream
whiskey custard pie with fresh Hudson Valley figs


Tonight I will be having a dinner with my regular Tuesday night community dinner group, but our regular cooking duties will be traded for separating all of the seed garlic for this falls planting.  Like they say, many hands…and for us, many voices, too.  We hatch a lot of ideas over Tuesday night dinners, and the meals are such a cooperative effort!  Tomorrow morning I am heading back out into the forests to seek more fungi, and try to preserve some of my blood from the mosquitoes, anyone have any suggestions that I have not tries, besides that toxic chemical shit from Johnson&Johnson that warns that if you breathe in the fumes from the fan, to seek medical attention?  For goodness sakes, it is a fan, of course you will breathe in the fumes!  I have tried just about everything else.  Well, off to garlic land I go, and keep tuned in for photos and updates.

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