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   Sep 12


Hello, all!  Welcome to Eat  I (Amy) will update weekly on this site with what is in season, recipes and how to info on what to do with it…whether it be cook now or how to preserve, by drying, fermenting, freezing, or cellaring. Also, I will walk you through the wild forests, farms, and lawns of the Hudson Valley, where we will forage for wild greens, fungi, leaves, flowers, herbs, and more that you can eat and bring yourself closer to your food source.  We will be practicing practical food security, and planning for radical food security.

Check often to my calendar of events that brings us together to eat these foods as a community, and to take part in accomplishing projects as a community.  For 5 years, I worked with the Wild Hive Farm, Cafe Bakery in Clinton Corners, NY, and we accomplished wild things but now I am running solo, as a mushroom forager, wild foods forager, preserver, and seasonal chef…all over the Hudson Valley.  I am available for hire as a chef and education forager to give you tours of your place of choosing, and meals on site.  I am motivated by the corruption of your food, and I strive to bring trust back to the table.

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